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    Coronary artery bypass surgery

    Coronary bypass surgery redirects blood around a section of a blocked or partially blocked artery in your heart. 

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    Valve Repair & Replacement

    Heart valve surgery is a procedure to treat heart valve disease. Heart valve disease involves at least one of the four heart valves not working properly.

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    Dialysis Access Solutions​

    A hemodialysis access, or vascular access, is a way to reach the blood for hemodialysis. The access allows blood to travel through soft tubes to the dialysis machine where it is cleaned as it passes through a special filter, called a dialyzer. An access is placed by a minor surgery

I'm Expertised in

Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Process involves the surgical treatment of organs inside the heart and lungs. Cardiac surgery includes the heart and the great vessels where general thoracic surgery includes the lungs, esophagus, thymus, etc.

Vascular surgery

It’s a surgical subspecialty of arteries, veins and lymphatic circulation that are managed by medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures and surgical reconstruction.

I am passionate about heart

Hello !  I am Dr. Jhulana Kumar Jena

Dr. Jhulana Kumar Jena is a Cardiac Surgeon in Siliguri, West Bengal having an experience of 10 years in the field. He has done his MBBS from MKCG Medical College And Hospital. He persued  Post Graduation (MS in General Surgery) from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital And Medical College, Mumbai in General Surgery and received his MCh. in Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery from one of the premier institute of India  AIIMS, New Delhi.

My Specializations
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
  • Surgeries for Valve Replacement & Repair​
  • Paediatric Heart Surgeries​
  • Dialysis Access Solutions​
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease Management (DVT)​
  • Complete Chest & Vascular Trauma Care​

Valve Replacement Surgery

Valve replacement surgery is the replacement of one or more of the heart valves
with either an artificial heart valve or a bioprosthesis. It is an alternative to valve repair. 

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